Concerns over COVID-19

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      The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has many of us in a tizzy and unsure of how to proceed. Thankfully the Center for Disease Control has some fantastic information on this spreading disease to help keep us all safe. 
      At Southington Veterinary Associates we have taken a number of precautions to keep the spread of the Coronavirus to a minimum by teaming with our clients to still offer amazing healthcare and prevent the spread of disease.
      We are adhering to the CDC/AVMA guidelines and have instituted curb-side service.  We have intensified our anti-virus efforts and will no longer be allowing clients into the clinic. 
    New Protocols in Effect:
    1. When you arrive please call from your car-860-621-9328.
    2. A Staff member will ask a series of questions regarding your health and possible exposure to the virus along with a cell phone number to contact you once the visit is done.
    3. Scheduled appointments will be checked in via phone call and a technician will escort your pet into the building.
    4. If scheduled with a doctor, the veterinarian will conduct the exam and go over findings with the owner via cell phone.
    5. If scheduled with a technician or picking up food or medications the staff member will discuss with owner via phone.
    6. We are encouraging sales via credit card over the phone in order to maintain a minimum of contact.  Please pay at the time of ordering any food or medication to facilitate a faster check out time.
    7. SVA has asked all of our clients to reschedule their appointments if they are not feeling well.  We will be happy to reschedule.
    8. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on all the latest news. Also, please provide us with a valid email address so that we can keep you up to date with the latest happenings here at SVA.

    These are difficult times but through perseverance and stead fast sanitary habits we believe that we will all prevail and come out of this in one piece.
    Thanks to Everyone for working with us at this time.

    Sincerely, Everyone at SVA
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