The Mew

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     The Mew is a cutting edge talk show set up as a monthly blog that promises to tackle the issues no one wants to talk about.  Hosted by our two house cats Harold and Twitch. The Mew promises to take on topics that are unsavory, unsanitary and downright ungentlemanly, in order to shed some light on taboo subjects such as Thinking Outside the litter box, Hairballs in mixed company, and more.
    "Thinking Outside the Litter Box"
Much like Felix and Oscar of the Odd Couple, Harold and Twitch have two very distinctive personalities.  Harold would resemble Felix and Twitch Oscar. Every morning we come in to find Harold asleep in his cat tent, dishes empty and litter box neat as a pin.  Twitch's abode looks like the aftermath of a frat party--food dishes everywhere, bedding thrown about and wet and litter flung throughout.  Rarely if ever, does the litter box contain what it should.
     Lately Harold has noticed that now Twitch is leaving nuggets throughout the hospital in various locations.  He's tried showing Twitch the proper way of utilizing the litter box by visiting every morning after breakfast and depositing some nuggets of his own but Twitch still insists on going anywhere but the litter box.
     There are of course many reasons for this litter box avoidance to occur and we will investigate and rule out a few....
1. Change in litter. It could be a new litter type/brand, different substrate, different smell.  (We have always used the same litter).
2. Urinary/Kidney infection. (We did test for a urinary infection and he was treated for it.)
3. Litter Box was relocated to a new spot unfamiliar to user. (We have not moved the box).
4. Arthritis. Twitch is 13years old with Cerebellar issues. (We started him on Dasuquin Advanced and offered him a box with lower sides).
5. Senility: He does have Cerebellar Hyperplasia and is 13 years old so it's a very real possibility. (Neutricks for Cats may help...or a Cognitive Diet)
6. Constipation. Inability to defecate can lead to bits and pieces strewn throughout the house but in Twitch's case it was entire piles of stool so we ruled out any constipation issues.
Basically Harold has accepted the fact that Twitch is the Oscar to his Felix and has learned to live with him despite all of his questionable traits. 
     As a hospital we have treated the urinary infection, put Twitch on a Dasuquin Advanced Regimen to help with any arthritis issues he may suffer from and we continue to monitor his cognitive functions. We may be adding in some Neutricks Feline to his diet to help with his brain functions as an added treatment for his aging.