The Mew

posted: by: Bridgit Herrick Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

     The Mew is a cutting edge talk show set up as a monthly blog that promises to tackle the issues no one wants to talk about.  Hosted by our two house cats Harold and Twitch. The Mew promises to take on topics that are unsavory, unsanitary and downright ungentlemanly, in order to shed some light on taboo subjects such as Thinking Outside the litter box, Hairballs in mixed company, and more.
     This month's topic is "Spring Fever" as suggested by Twitch.  Lately, he and Harold have been having some disagreements over what it means. We would like to start by giving a little background on our talk show hosts.  Twitch came to us as a kitten 10 years ago.  He had contracted distemper at around 8 weeks of age and was left with a permanent walking disability--much like a teetering sailor on a boiling sea.  He manages quite well on his own--so much so that we had to limit his intake because he had gained an awful lot of weight.  He had a tendency to snake his arm into others' food dishes, tip them over and help himself to all the food on the floor.  At times he would even rip open bags of food in hospital to satisfy his hunger.  Harold came to us as a kitten in November 2010.  He was found by the local Animal Control Officer with his arm in disrepair.  Apparently Harold had sought shelter in a truck engine and lost his arm when the owner started the truck.  As a result, Harold hops like a bunny.  He tends to be much shyer around people than Twitch but he warms up pretty quickly.  Needless to say both House Cats have adapted admirably to their circumstances.  This brings us to Spring Fever.  Twitch has had a rough winter. He was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, had a long bout of diarrhea and was therefore subjected to numerous baths, and was put on a diet.  His diarrhea is now under control, he looks great, his thyroid is controlled with medication, and he is feeling more like himself.  Harold on the other hand has been starved for attention.  Harold used to have a roommate but Bo passed away last year and Harold has been lonely ever since.  He needs constant attention by anyone and everyone.  Sometimes people are just not enough and he forces his affections onto Twitch.  In his over exuberance, he ends up knocking Twitch off his feet and Twitch ends up, feet in the air trying to right himself.  Harold thinks of Twitch like the mother he never had wants Twitch to groom him, rub him and cuddle but Twitch ends up frustrated and bites Harold in the neck and most recently has begun pulling out tufts of Harold's hair.  In Harold's mind any attention is good attention so he cries and then goes back for more.  Twitch's only relief from Harold's affections comes from laser lights, flying insects and Greenies treats. 
     In an effort to lessen the effects of Spring Fever all staff members are required to keep and maintain 2 separate box beds, 2 separate soft beds, 2 separate living quarters and individualized play time.  Hopefully this will be acceptable to both parties and we can focus on more timely issues. Stay tuned....